Had a go on Ten Mile Bank last weekend, and had a fantastic day. Started off slow, but then picked up after a move further downstream. I went with a friend who hasn’t fished it before, who also did well. I had a feeder rod and pike rod out.

Plenty of roach and perch on the feeder from the off, then the roach were being hassled by pike on the way in. Did hook one, but got snapped up. Didn’t even see it, as was lunging around on the bottom. At first I thought it was a tench.

Anyway cast the rod back out and actually saw a pike grab a roach on the way in, and saw it was a fair size. This is when I decided to wind the static bait in and change to a float setup with a live bait.

After about five minutes, the float bobbed about and then slowly disappeared below the surface. Bang! struck into the fish and the fight began.

After about five minutes, I managed to land the fish. Lovely double figure pike. Took a couple of photos and released her back into depths. Anyway, thought the pike problem was over, but I was wrong.

Tip flew around again and I thought it was a bream, got it near the surface and saw a flash. Yet another pike! Out went the pike rod again, and within a  few minutes, pike number two was on the bank, and caught in the same spot as the other one.   Thought it was the same fish  at first, but on closer inspection it clearly wasn’t. After a few photos, it was released back into the depths. Then the fishing died!

Overall it was cracking day, and my mate was happy with nice keepnet full of some lovely perch. Think this proves. the predators were clearly on the feed when we turned up! 

Still love KLAA, and will be back on TMB very soon.

Doing the Cut Off Channel next, so hope that produces some more pike and maybe a zed.

John Cullom

If you would like to read more about John and his adventures in the Fens visit www.Fenland-fishing.co.uk

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