Springside, a week that has been dominated by the silver fish, they have been showing on the pole lines and the waggler. Quality roach and Rudd have been feeding strongly throughout the week. Carp to 8lb have also shown frequently for the method feeder anglers. Perch to 2lb 4oz have also been showing to the baits that have been offered.

Shepherds Port, Bear Lake. Multiple catches continue to be reported, carp to 11lb have been showing during a busy week.  Method feeder continues to be the more rewarding but pole anglers also having plenty of success. Pellet and corn have been the more productive baits used.

Oliver Shaw
Junior angler Oliver Shaw with one of the carp he caught during his recent visit.

Queens Lake, Bream have again been feeding throughout the week, plenty of bream to 7 lb showing on traditional bream style feeder tactics, ( pic of Pat Hase with one of the bream he caught during his last outing)
Skimmers roach and Rudd have also been feeding well when targeted on the waggler and whip. Maggot baits continue to be the most rewarding.

Shepherds Lake, carp beginning to be more active during the last seven days,  Carp to 16 lb 8oz have been reported from carp anglers fishing their tactics. Bream to 5 lb have again been showing on the traditional cage style feeder when offering maggot/ sweetcorn baits. Chub to 4lb have also been showing over the bream baits that have been offered. Roach and Rudd have also shown well when targeted on the pole and waggler.

Paul RobbinsTottenhill, new committee member Paul Robbins certainly had one of those Red Letter days on the lake during his latest visit,  a haul of over 250 lb consisting of 35 bream to 4 lb 8oz and 30 carp, the biggest weighing 17lb 8oz with the average carp to 6lb. 90% of the haul was taken on the pole and even when he changed onto the tip he still found the fish feeding.  Plenty of bream and carp have been showing to all methods and baits being used during a good week.

By Darren Reed

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National Fishing Month 2016 Coaching Event

KLAA will once again be hosting a coaching event as part of National Fishing Month at Bear Lake, Snettisham.

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