The new season started well for anglers on the lakes with catches reported on all the waters.

Springside, plenty of roach and Rudd showing on the whip, pole and waggler when offering loose offerings of maggot. Carp to 8lb have also been feeding at mid- depth waiting for the free offerings that have been used to target the silvers.

Bear Lake, very good start with plenty of carp to 9 lb, showing on all methods. Method feeder taking the vast majority of the better fish when offering corn or pellet. Dobbing bread has also been successful in targeting the carp.

Queens Lake, roach and Rudd have shown very well on the waggler, pole and whip. pinkie, caster and maggot have been the more rewarding baits. Bream to 8 lb have been showing well on traditional bream tactics.

James HouldenLocal Rod James Houlden ( pictured) on Queens lake with one of the smaller bream he caught in a mixed bag of large and small bream.

Shepherds Lake, carp to 11 lb have been showing  on carp style tactics, bumper catches of bream to 5lb have been recorded. The first 100lb net recorded,  A catch of 21 bream to 5 lb, plus 2 carp was recorded on the opening day whilst using traditional bream style feeder tactics. Maggot has proved to be the more beneficial bait.

Mick Whitemore

Picture of Mick Whitemore with an end of season tench to 3lb caught during the last week of the old season.

Tottenhill a very solid start has seen carp to 18lb 2 oz reported. Plenty of carp moving around the lake, smaller carp have shown on the method feeder when using pellet , corn and meat.

By Darren Reed

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National Fishing Month 2016 Coaching Event

KLAA will once again be hosting a coaching event as part of National Fishing Month at Bear Lake, Snettisham.

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