The last few weeks haven't been too kind to the anglers on the banks of the rivers, the still waters have been showing catches despite the weather being so unpredictable. Gin clear waters, heavy frosts and rising and falling temperatures have all hampered the anglers in finding the feeding fish.

Ten Mile Bank. Modney Bridge, only the odd roach have shown on the pole line when using pinkie and squat.

Cut off Channel, pike have been reported from specimen anglers using dead Baits. Pike up to 15lb 4oz have been recorded.

Middle Level, Three Holes the only place on the Level showing any signs of fish. Plenty of jacks showing, also a brace of pike one to 22lb 4oz and the other of 20lb 6oz both taken on dead Baits.

Tottenhill, odd carp and bream have still been showing on the pole and tip. Meat and corn have been producing the better catches of carp. Maggot and worm have had better results for the bream. Quality roach and small perch have also fed over the maggot baits that have been offered on the pole line.

Springside, carp to 13lb continue to feed despite the weather conditions, yellow Baits have been more successful on the method feeder.

Shepherds Port, Bear Lake,  carp to 8lb have been showing on the pole line when dobbing bread. Maggot have also found a few carp feeding. Quality roach also showing when targeted.

Shepherds Lake, bream to 4lb have been showing on the tip to the conventional bream style feeder tactics, when offering maggot as a hook bait. Chub have also been showing when targeted by presenting a bunch of maggots on a hook.

By Darren Reed

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