A very quiet week on the banks, during the last seven days, only the hardened anglers ventured out, in what was a terrible bag of mixed weather. Rains, cold and northerly winds all an anglers nightmare. But never the less the anglers that did venture out did manage a few fish on the lakes, some of the river anglers were not so lucky during midweek sessions. 

Pingles on the Middle Level has been the only spot on the level producing roach catches on the whip and pole. Multiple Jack catches have been reported from lure anglers. Odd pike to 13lb also being reported when dead baits have been offered.  Odd jacks to 7lb  have also shown at Peters Bridge on lures. 

Ten Mile Bank, has barely seen an angler and of the anglers that did try giving it a go, catches were very slow with very few rewards during the week ,as the weekend came catch rates improved. Roach were showing on the pole line between 3-7 meters when offering pinkie or maggot.  

Sundays John Russell memorial match was attended by 17  brave anglers in what can only be described as the worst weather possible for a fishing match. Roach were showing close in on the pole line when offered pinkie and maggot, even a couple of tench showed up. 

1st place was Simon Pointer 10 lb.
2nd Dave Watkins 9 lb 6oz
3rd Steve Eke 7lb 6 oz
4th Dennis Vaughan 6lb 6oz.
Special thanks to all the anglers for taking part in this prestigious memorial match.

Springside, anglers starting to drift away to the comfort of their homes as the temperature starts to fall away, odd anglers have still been visiting the lake with the odd carp to 12 lb still showing. Any bait has worked if presented in front of the carp, silver fish catches have also dipped during the last week. 

Bear lake, odd carp still showing but not as frequent, carp to 9lb showing on the method feeder when offering either corn, pellet and maggot. 

Queens Lake, continues to show the bream despite the weather, bream tactics are still being very rewarding with bream to 3-6 lb still showing well. Waggler tactics also proving to be a successful way of targeting the bream, skimmers roach and rudd. Maggot caster and worm still being the preferred baits.

Shepherds Lake.  Carp to 15lb have been reported by the carp anglers when offering boillie on the hair rig. Bream to 4lb, have also been showing to anglers fishing the maggot feeder, chub have also fed over the maggots that are being fed. Roach and Rudd have shown to the waggler and pole anglers. 

Tottenhill, odd carp and bream showing, feeder and waggler have had the odd fish but catch rates have slowed up during the last couple of weeks, maggot, pellet and corn been the more rewarding baits.

By Darren Reed

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National Fishing Month 2016 Coaching Event

KLAA will once again be hosting a coaching event as part of National Fishing Month at Bear Lake, Snettisham.

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