The last seven days have been difficult for the river anglers, but quality catches have continued to show on the lakes. Middle Level has started its demise as the fish have started to disappear away from the baits being offered. Early in the week catches were still showing at PingleNeepes and Peters but as the week went by catches were becoming very slow or non-existent. Odd bream to 3lb were showing on the tip at Peters and only the odd roach was reported.

Neepes was also showing fish earlier in the week with roach and rudd being reported on the pole and whip.

Pingle stretch was by far the more active stretch with skimmers, roach, rudd, and perch all showing to baits being offered. Nets to 16 lb were recorded from pole and whip anglers. But as the easterly winds started to pick up suddenly the fish started to disappear.

Ten Mile Bank. Odd roach showing at Modney Bridge on the pole and whip when offering pinkie caster and maggot. The chapel has also been showing roach to 7oz on the pole line and slider. Wires has also been showing roach and perch on the pole.

Springside, tench to 5lb and carp to 12lb have again been feeding strongly to the baits that have been presented. Bread, corn, meat and pellet have all been rewarding . Silvers continue to feed aggressively when targeted on the whip, pole and waggler when using maggot and caster. 

Bear Lake, continues to be the dominant water, as the catches continue to be reported. Multiple catches are still being reported daily. Carp to 17 lb being recorded. Method feeder still the preferred method in attracting the carp into feeding. Island and margins producing the better catches. Corn, meat, pellet and boillie have all been producing quality catches.

Queens Lake, bream continue to feed on both the tip and the pole line. 4-8 lb bream have again been showing to the maggot and worm baits that have been offered. Skimmers roach and rudd also showing aggressively on the whip and waggler when offering maggot as a hook bait. 

Shepherds Lake, carp to 16 lb have been showing on traditional carp style tactics, boillie still attracting the better carp, Chub to 4lb have also been showing frequently over the carp baits that have been used. 

Tottenhill, a slower week has been endured by the anglers fishing the pit, odd carp to 11 lb have shown to the method feeder whilst presenting corn as a hook bait. Bream have also slowed up during the last week with only a handful of bream to 4lb showing. Pellet and corn have been the more productive baits being used. Sundays match did produce some quality catches despite a slower week than usual.

KLAA Open match result from Tottenhill from Sunday 9th October.

1st Dave Graves 60 lb 7oz.
2nd Marv Price 32lb 5 oz
3rd Ben Bailey 28lb 8oz
4th Liam Wagg  22lb 10oz.


By Darren Reed

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National Fishing Month 2016 Coaching Event

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