It has come to the attention of the directors that an incident took place last weekend on the Relief Channel which is completely unacceptable.

An angler suffered verbal abuse and was subjected to threats of violence for unknowingly fishing a swim which had been pre baited by other anglers.

We would like to make it very clear that behaviour of this type is not acceptable and if the person responsible is identified then action will be taken against them by the Association.

Kings Lynn AA Ltd will not accept intimidation of anglers on any of its venues.

Pre baiting of a swim does not give an angler the right to reserve that swim for future use.

If anyone is in any doubt about what is acceptable please contact a director who will be happy to discuss the issuPeter Greenwoode.

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National Fishing Month 2016 Coaching Event

KLAA will once again be hosting a coaching event as part of National Fishing Month at Bear Lake, Snettisham.

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