Having recently been refurbished with support from the Angling Trust Fishery Improvement Fund, Bear Lake provided the perfect location for Kings Lynn AA to host this years National Fishing Month coaching Event.

As in previous years the age range and experience levels of those attending varied greatly, from youngsters starting out in the sport to those retired or near retirement finding themselves with a little more spare time looking to rekindle their love of the sport from a younger age.

After establishing the goals of the participants the coaches set to work demonstrating the most suitable methods and tactics to get fish on the bank. The participants then got the chance to get hands on and it wasn't long before the floats disappeared below the surface as as the fish began to grace the bank much to the delight of everyone involved.

It didn't take long for the anglers to appreciate how effective a simple Whip set up could be when targeting silver fish such as Roach and Rudd on maggots, a valuable experience and an opportunity to implement safe handling and unhooking skills. 

With growing confidence some participants made the natural progression to the long pole, allowing them to take advantage of the poles versatility catching fish at all ranges from the near margins to the island, a renowned fish holding feature.

It was of little surprise that the technique of most interest on the day was the method feeder. Having seen so much written about the success of this tactic in the angling press those with a little more experience were keen to put into practice what they had been reading and target the lakes hard fighting resident carp.

The method feeder lived up to its rightfully impressive reputation, making an instant impact with numerous carp landed and many anglers keen to put the technique to good use in the future.

Kings Lynn AA would like to thank the Coaches and assistants who gave up their time to share their valuable knowledge and experience, without this continued support we would not be able to hold events such as these.

We would also like to thank the following people for their generous donations in support of the event:

  1. Rob Willingham at Korda 
  2. Kevin Nash at Nash Tackle
  3. Brian at The Fishing Bait Warehouse
  4. Mary-Anne Payne and Steve Fitzpatrick at The Angling Times

Most importantly of all we would like to thank all those who attended the event, we hope you found it an enjoyable experience and look forward to seeing you all at future events.

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National Fishing Month 2016 Coaching Event

KLAA will once again be hosting a coaching event as part of National Fishing Month at Bear Lake, Snettisham.

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