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PB Zed on Level

Stuart Timson joined KLAA for the 2011 season and caught his PB zed of 7lb 4oz on the Middle Level on his first trip to the Middle Level.

stuart timson ml 7 8 zed

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Ash Graps 20 Plus

King's Lynn Secretary Ashley Brown finally got reward from his weekend nights spent on the banks last week, banking this 23lb 12oz specimen.

You will have to guess the venue with the mole hills however!

 ash 23lb12oz feb10

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Marys Bridge Pike

john cullom 04John Cullom caught this pike out of the Middle Level at St Marys last Saturday and was really chuffed. This is his first double figure pike from this stretch of the drain and as far as he know's, this is the biggest pike caught out of here this season so far.  it took him all day though. Cast this out at 0800. Nothing not even a touch, then about 1600, the buzzer just beeped twice, then the free spool went. Ten minutes later she was on the bank. Weight was 15ib.5oz. Fantastic fight and well worth the wait.  Caught on a ledgered dead bait roach, on a size 10 wire trace. He was actually after the Zander! After catching this, he's hoping think this will be a good predator season for this year.

He also had some nice skimmers on the feeder and a bream which was just under five pound.

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Agency Warns of Rod Limit Rules

rod warning 250The EA Enforcement team has recently issues tickets to anglers for not following the rules as laid out within the Eastern Region Bye-Laws on the use of multiple rods. Not many people may also realise that there are also constraints on the distance between each rod.

The rule stipulates that no person shall fish with more than four rods and lines at the same time when fishing for coarse fish or eels.  When fishing with multiple rods and lines, rods shall be placed such that the distance between the butts of the end rods does not exceed three metres.

KLAA has it's own byelaw which limits the number of rods to 3 on rivers and 2 on enclosed waters, so you have been warned.

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Last Gasp Specimen Zed

middle level 007 60016 year old specimen hunter Jordan Chandler and his father Martin have been chasing specimen predators all winter in King's Lynn AA waters and going into the last evening of the season that elusive double figure Zander was still eluding them. 
For their last session of the 2008/09 season they chose the Middle Level at Crooked chimney.  This drain has been kind over the winter months having already given up 3 double figure pike and a number of jack pike but the mysterious Zander was still frustrating them.  They started their final session at 1 pm intending to fish up to midnight and were pleasantly suprised to find just one other angler on the bank.  That angler had fished since 9 am and two bites had produced a tench of 6 lb and a bream of 4 lb so it looked like there were fish in the area but would the Zeds be there and feeding.
Two deadbait rods each were put out while they tried for 4 hours to catch some live baits but failed to get as much as a chewed maggot.  During this time Martin had a good run on an eel section bait fished against the far shelf but dissapointingly he missed the bite.  Nothing then happened for 4 hours
During the dark they had 3 rods out each, 5 baited with eel section or dead roch and Jordan put a speculative rod against the far shelf with a smelt bait on it (Zander arn't supposed to like sea baits).
At 8.30 pm as Jordan was snoozing and Martin was making a brew the middle of Jordan's three rods went off, the smelt bait!  The alarm kept making a series of bleeps then stopped it bleeped again and then the bobbin dropped to the ground as the fish appeared to be moving towards them.  Jordan tghtened down to the fish and pulled the hooks home, the rod a 2.5 TC Shakespeare carp rod had a healthy bend suggesting a decent fish.  The fish fought deep and put up a strong resistence without making any powerful runs.  The most obvious thing about the fight that Jordan noticed was it continually made very strong head shakes nothing like any pike he had ever caught.  middle level 008 600As the fish came into their headlight illumination they could see it was a Zed and what a fish on a smelt too.  Martin netted it first go and the fish was taken to the nearby unhooking mat where it was found just one point of the snap tackle was in the gill rakers causing the fish to bleed quite heavily.
After unhooking her (she was laden with spawn) they put her in the landing net and gave her a breath of water bfore taking photographs and weighing.  Once the scales were zero'd she was weighed and came in at 10 lb 4 oz.  So not only was it Jordan's first zed but it was a double as well.  The picture of him holding the fish captures how happy he after all those hours of hard fishing he had put his prized fish on the bank.  This was a fish of dedication and hard work which was much deserved many would have given up weeks ago but Jordan kept going such was his desire to catch this fish.
After the photographs the fish was returned, she was quite weak due to blood loss so Jordan carefully held her in the cold water for some 30 minutes using bank sticks to support her upright.  Eventually her breathing became strong and regular then with a couple of beats of her tail she dissappeared out into the dark waters of the Middle Level.
A final note of thanks goes to Steve Younger who has provided much needed advice and encouragment throughout the winter and without this fish probably would not have been caught.
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Martin find double on the Cut Off

22lbs cut off martin chandlMartin Chandler kept quite about the brace of double figure Pike from the seemingly fishless Cut Off at Fordham last month.

Best fish this 22lb specimen caught just after dark.  This was the best of 3 fish, with another 14lb 8oz and his son managing a smaller fish to round off a memorable day.

Just goes to show there are fish in the Cut Off after all.

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Brothers do battle on the Ouse

Local brothers Richard and Gary Westoby had some trumendous sport during the latter half the the season on Ten Mile Bank.  

Richard's proud moment of that double figure Zed @ 14lb 4oz

14lb 4oz richard westoby

Only to be outdone by Gary @ 15lb 9oz


15lb 9oz gary westoby

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Garry masters a double Zed

garrym 10lb 11oz tmbGarry Mortimer was brave enough to fish in these sub zero temperatures, with his efforts rewarded with this 10lb 11oz Zander caught just close to dark.
It was caught using float fished, dead roach. 
I'll leave it to you to work out the location from the picture!
Answers on a post card.......
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Gary trio at Old Bedford

Specimen hunter Garry Mortimer found the action in a hetic 60 minute spell this week on the Old Bedford at Nordelph.

20lb 2oz 

20lb 2oz old bedford 250


17lb 8oz 

14lb 8oz old bedford 250

14lb 8oz (sorry about the picture quality) 

17lb 8oz old bedford on 250

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EA Survey Results


ea survey denver 003Paul Wilkanowski and team undertook some Seine netting surveys on the Relief Channel w/c 13th Oct. A welcome surprise to all concerned was the numbers if predatory fish caught including brown trout, Zander and some really specimen perch.
When we receive the detailed results we will place them here. But until then take a look at these pictures. here


The Great Ouse Relief Channel in Norfolk appears to be making a comeback. This man made flood relief channel was a prolific fishery in the 1970’s when anglers would travel from around the country to both pleasure and match fish.

However, the fishery declined in the early 1980’s following changes to the flow regime and has never fully recovered. In April this year the EA undertook major modifications at Denver Sluice which has resulted in reducing high flows on the Relief Channel and further work should be completed in mid November 2008.

In early October the EA Fisheries team were contacted by Kings Lynn Angling Association who control the fishing. The club reported sightings of large numbers of fish around Denver Sluice. A subsequent netting survey produced an amazing haul of specimen fish. There were nine perch recorded over 3lb, the largest weighing 3lb 14oz. Five good sized zander up to 7lb 6oz and three sea trout running upstream to spawn, the largest weighing 10lb 2oz.

The large perch and zander were feeding on huge shoals of roach and bream fry which are currently prolific in the Relief Channel. The reduction in high flows will improve the survival potential of many fry which would previously have been flushed out into the tidal estuary and perished.

The EA Fisheries team were first aware of a possible improvement in early August when large numbers of small fish were recorded during a hydroacoustics survey undertaken between Denver and Kings Lynn. The highest densities were seen at Downham Market, Magdelene and Saddlebow Bridges.

Paul Wilkanowski Envrioment Agency 22/10/08

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National Fishing Month 2016 Coaching Event

KLAA will once again be hosting a coaching event as part of National Fishing Month at Bear Lake, Snettisham.

Full details here...