Agency Warns of Rod Limit Rules

rod warning 250The EA Enforcement team has recently issues tickets to anglers for not following the rules as laid out within the Eastern Region Bye-Laws on the use of multiple rods. Not many people may also realise that there are also constraints on the distance between each rod.

The rule stipulates that no person shall fish with more than four rods and lines at the same time when fishing for coarse fish or eels.  When fishing with multiple rods and lines, rods shall be placed such that the distance between the butts of the end rods does not exceed three metres.

KLAA has it's own byelaw which limits the number of rods to 3 on rivers and 2 on enclosed waters, so you have been warned.

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National Fishing Month 2016 Coaching Event

KLAA will once again be hosting a coaching event as part of National Fishing Month at Bear Lake, Snettisham.

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