steve 13lb 6oz zander There is a wealth of KLAA waters ready and waiting for the predator angler, whether your specialty is pike, zander, perch or eels, which are all present to specimen size, and there is even the outside chance of a catfish, which are rumored to be present in some of the local drains.

Steve has kindly provided KLAA with the original rig drawings from his now famous predator publication from 1996, "Fenland Zander" these rig designs can be found on the sub menus of the predator menu.

For the zander angler I would recommend the following: The cut off channel from Denver to Wereham, where specimens to 13lb+ are caught annually & where you can usually catch at least a few schoolies per session, on dead baits & bottom bouncing lures. The middle level from St Germans to crooked chimneys. The “level” is famous for it’s huge specimens, although it can be hard going so don’t be too discouraged if you have the occasional blank session. It has produced fish to over 18lb’s so it may be worth the wait !

The relief channel from Saddlebow to Denver sluice. This is my favourite zander water, although, like the “level” it can be very hard going but if you like peace, quite & getting g away from other anglers then this is the place for you.

The great ouse from Denver Sluice to Danby Drove. This a probably the best water for the novice zander angler as you can regularly catch several schoolie sized zander in a session, but don’t think that this is all you will catch as several years ago I advised a 14 year old lad to try here for his first zander & he promptly had his first at 14lb 10oz !

steve pike 001For the pike angler I would suggest: The river Wissey, from the mouth of the Great Ouse to Dereham belt. This river is navigable by boat so is ideal for the boat piker using trolled baits & mobile tactics. The Great Ouse. This is a very underrated pike water, with specimens to 25lb+ being caught in the last couple of years. As with the Wissey boats can be used, launching at Denver sluice or Hilgay. Mobile tactics by boat or bank work well on here with both lures & baits scoring well. In winter, when the marginal lilies & weed is dead, casting baits tight to the far bank often work well. The cut off channel from Denver to Dereham belt.

The cut off has been out of sorts in terms of the bigger pike for the last few years but you can usually winkle 1 or 2 out per session to mid double figures & there is always the chance of a big fish.

The Little Ouse in Little Ouse village. In the winter roach shoal up here in massive numbers, bringing the pike flocking in although with so many bait fish around it can be a bit difficult to get them to pick up your bait !

Eels & Perch. All the above drains support big perch & eels, with the Great Ouse & Middle Level in particular being home to some very big perch. With regard to eels, the population of these is down massively so please look after & return all fish after capture but eels in particular need good handling & return to give the stocks some hope of recovery.


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