Stuart Ashby told us about his recent trip to the fens at Crooked Chimmey.
Had these two when my friend and I fished Crooked Chimneys recently.  It was my first time on the KLAA Drains.  
Stuart Ashby Middle Level Tench Stuart Ashby Middle Level Tench
Dek had several medium roach and small perch and I'd had one rudd up till about 6pm. Then I just happened to leave my float under the rod end whilst I did something else and away it went !  That was on single caster on an 18 hook !  The next one followed in the same place after the float had been in three or four minutes.  I didn't have scales but I reckon they're about 16". 
It was worth the drive from Leicestershire just to be among the fens; the fish were a bonus