John Cullom PikeHas been a while, but determined to get back on the level for a winter pike session.

I got down to the Level about 10am.

After a ten/fifteen minute walk, we found our spot and a limited amount of shelter.

Very blustery and hard fishing, but plenty of sunshine. After a well earned brew, the fishing started. Very quite for the first couple of hours and difficult to detect bites because of the wind.

Eventually the far right rod started to beep.

At first, I thought it was the wind, but watching the tip, there were a few sharp flicks of the tip, the drop back indicator pulled up sharply and dropped off. At this point I struck into the fish.

At first I thought it was a zed, as it was shaking it’s head vigorously, then it surfaced and shot back up the drain. It was a very angry fish. After a quick thrash about the reeds, we landed the fish.

Very clean and healthy fish. After a few snaps we released it back into the depths. Not the biggest of fish I know, but considering the conditions, it was most welcome.

Hopefully will get back before the end of the season, to try and catch the lumps that lurk here.  As usual great fishing on the KLAA waters.



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